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  • Average 10-20% lower labor costs
  • Ten times greater retention than traditional staffing
  • No new funding required
  • Engaged and happy employees stay longer and produce more!

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Think we’re just another temp staffing firm? Think again! We’re an outsourced, full-time employment model within the contingent workforce space. Unique? We think so!  Our goal is to be your partner in contingent workforce management strategy.

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When turnover is out of control. "fully staffed" is a foreign concept. a traditional temp model isn’t solving your problems. missing production schedules gives you nightmares. you can’t keep track of procurements and vendors. critical labor and talent strategies feel like pipe dreams. real change is needed to stay competitive. 

Your labor costs are too high.

Your HR team is overwhelmed.

Compliance gaps keep elevating your risks.

Lack of business intelligence hampers your decision-making processes.

Poor performance prevents you from meeting quality standards.

High turnover makes filling shifts impossible.

You’re lost in VMS and supplier chaos.

Disorganization is causing rework and gridlock.

You wish workforce management could be easy and effective.

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Who We Serve

Call Centers & Teleprospecting

Maximizing Efficiency and Elevating Customer Experience for
Teleprospecting call centers hinge on reliable teams working full shifts. High turnover? It’s a no-go. At Impact Workforce Solutions, we understand. Our solutions streamline hiring, reduce turnover, and revolutionize your workforce. But we don’t stop there. Our leadership development programs and on-site operations management ensure your call center is always running smoothly, improving efficiency across the board. The results are significant cost savings; dramatically improved retention; and a more cohesive, fully focused leadership team.

Industrial Manufacturing

Enhancing Precision and Scaling Performance for
In manufacturing, every detail counts. So does every employee. We enable manufacturers to not only keep pace with industry advancements but also set new standards in productivity, innovation, and employee experience. We cut turnover, we balance workloads, and we optimize your entire labor model. With on-site management and tailored benefits, we offer more than direct staffing. We revolutionize your manufacturing workforce strategy to drive up retention, enhance productivity, reduce risks, and cut your operational costs.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Streamlining Operations and Accelerating Growth for
Workforce problems in distribution centers can deteriorate entire supply chains. We know. Our solutions are straightforward but powerful. Streamlined recruitment broadens your talent pool. Simplified hiring aligns with your needs and backfills fast. Enhanced onboarding gets your team up to speed while supporting alignment and engagement. And our workforce optimization turns potential into performance. We’re not just filling positions. We’re building stronger, more resilient operations that stand the test of time and market demands.

Our solutions give you clarity. boost retention. amplify employee engagement. lower labor costs. ensure compliance. improve visibility.  enhance workplace culture. streamline supplier management. upgrade performance management. sharpen analytics and business intelligence. transform chaos into order.

Businesses need a workforce strategy.

A cohesive and intentional workforce strategy enables organizations to stay competitive while adapting to the evolving nature of work: contingent models, new technology, changing regulations, demands for more flexible schedules — the list of new dynamics in workforce management goes on. Workforce strategies are fundamental to sustainable business growth, optimizing an organization’s most valuable asset — its people. Businesses without a clear, effective, and stable labor model and strategy will eventually fall behind competitors.

Developing an in-house contingent workforce management program is hard.

Unless you have a strong partner helping you navigate the journey, the primary obstacle separating businesses from an effective workforce management strategy is often chaos. Over time, communication around workforce management gets complicated. Various industries, companies, and even distinct departments within the same organization adopt unique terminologies and key phrases to describe identical concepts, and the nuance in language is reflected by nuances in perspectives, priorities, and actions. The result we’ve seen is often misalignment that undermines effective decision-making and execution. In this environment, chaos prevails.

We make workforce strategy and management easy.

We confront chaos, break it down, simplify it, and transform it into clarity for your organization. We can break down chaos efficiently because we’ve seen it before, and we recognize its patterns and common root causes. We can simplify chaos by taking on the heavy lifting — compliance, payroll, risk, and staffing — because we’re built to manage these burdens effectively at much lower costs. And we can provide your organization with clarity through improved business intelligence, effective retention solutions, operations management, and leadership development programs.

And we do all that at lower costs than what you’re likely already paying. How? Because we’ve done it many times. We know what works. We have the technology, infrastructure, and tactics to get results. And we know those results can change lives. 

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✓ CHRO (just got) Promoted!  

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Workforce Related Challenges

  • Need Access to More and Better-Quality Workers
  • High Turnover; Retention of Workers; Stable Workers
  • Volatile & Unpredeictable Resourcing
  • More Productivity (at lowest reasonable cost)
  • Lack of communication, controls, & chaotic workflow
  • Superficial or Insufficient Contingent Workforce Engagement
  • Technology related challenges

  • Lack of insight into workforce data; actionable data or analytics
  • Missing End-to-End worker lifecycle control and visibility
  • Cumbersome & inconsistent administrative workflow related to the contingent workforce processes
  • No confidence in governance and compliance
  • Unwieldy payroll & billing; financials related to indirect labor spend
  • What We Provide

    What makes the most sense for your company?

    Why stop at governance, compliance, and technology?

    If your goal is a stable, productive, and engaged supplemental workforce, Impact Workforce Optimization is the clear choice.

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