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Direct Sourcing & RPO Services

Direct Sourcing refers to the practice of using Impact’s MSP staffing services to directly source and recruit candidates for a targeted job or group of jobs within a company. As an optional service, Direct Sourcing can be included in the Impact Workforce Optimization comprehensive solution suite. Impact client partners find this solution to be extremely valuable as a value-add for finding unique and specific talent. The value is further extended by having the option of employing the resource in Impact’s Core2 platform which saves money and time.

Direct Sourcing Services should not be confused with “on demand staffing” or high-volume staffing that is generally done by traditional temporary agencies that partner with Impact within the IMprove MSP model.  

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As a leading RPO recruitment company, Impact takes on the responsibility of direct sourcing and engaging candidates, while collaborating with internal client resources to facilitate the hiring process. Impact’s Direct Sourcing division sources and engages candidates directly, often using the employer brand. This can involve using various methods such as advertising job openings, sourcing candidates through databases and networks, and using social media and other online channels. Our Direct Sourcing Services can provide companies with access to a broader talent pool, specialized expertise, and scalability to meet fluctuating recruitment needs. It can also save companies time and money compared to traditional recruitment methods.

When the situation calls for full outsourcing of the recruiting process, Impact offers RPO services. RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is a type of business process outsourcing in which an organization outsources some or all its recruitment activities to a third-party service provider. The RPO recruitment company is responsible for managing the entire recruiting process, including sourcing, and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting background checks, and making job offers. Recruitment with RPO is often used by companies that have high-volume needs or need to quickly scale their workforce. It can provide cost savings, improve efficiency, and reduce time-to-hire.

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