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Clarity: Workforce Analytics Software

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Cloud based vendor management system to manage the contingent workforce. 

Requisition management, fulfillment workflow, time, attendance, performance, analytics, and reporting.

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At Impact, we believe in providing all relevant managers and supervisors with access to our premier workforce analytics software, Clarity, and the necessary training to efficiently track every new employee vacancy. With this cloud based vendor management system, authorized users can easily monitor various aspects such as the job that needs to be filled, the hiring status, time and cost, onboarding, compensation, training, employee performance, and retention. The data can be filtered by department, job category, and staffing source for a more comprehensive view of the workforce metrics in real time.

Clarity was built to be a SIMPLE, FOCUSED, and EFFECTIVE workforce analytics software. The developers had a vision of creating a platform that can do what the user needs without doing software gymnastics. Many platforms today are very good but contain excessive functionality. Where many “top tier” vendor management systems report marginal use of program functions, Clarity users report over 80% utilization.

Impact’s team of developers can create custom tools when users request a new feature. If the feature improves the product, overall, Impact funds the development. Client-specific customizations will be evaluated and if feasible, clients find our costs to develop custom features very reasonable. We don’t add profit to custom development – we aim to serve our clients in everything we do, including by customizing our workflow analytics software.

We firmly believe that effective management of a workforce requires quick and accurate tracking of key metrics, and Clarity outshines all other workforce analytics software on the market in that regard. As part of our workforce optimization service, we offer user training and ongoing support at no additional cost to you. So, if you’re in a position of authority, you can trust Clarity to provide the right insights to help you make better workforce management decisions.


Clarity Workforce Analytics Software

Comprehensive supplier management

Omni channel sourcing

Broader access to talent and resources

Visibility and insight into workforce metrics

People, Performance and Payment administration

Streamlined communication and processes.

Governance, compliance, audit controls

Transparency, control, and validation of transactions

Actionable data analytics and business intelligence

Why Us?

Technology that truly supports your needs. Clarity is everything you want and all you need in a cloud based vendor management system. Functionality usage in Clarity is extremely high due to the SIMPLE, FOCUSED, and EFFECTIVE framework it was designed to deliver. To call Clarity a VMS is short-sighted. It would be better described as the Anti-VMS, disrupting a tech landscape that is over-engineered, over-built, and under-utilized.