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Impact’s unique Employer of Record solution dedicated to full-time employment for the contingent workforce. As a subset of the client’s “core” workforce, Core2 associates are W-2 employees of Impact working under the supervision of an Impact Operations Manager, onsite, dedicated to engaging the associates for maximum retention, greater output, and lower costs.

Warehouse Full of Goods

Core2 (Employer of Record Retention Management Solution)

Employment and professional management of a secondary Core workforce (trade name Core2) dedicated to a client.

Full-time employment with a comprehensive full-time benefits package

Onsite Operations Manager dedicated to work location.

Real engagement and focus on retention.

Improved employee satisfaction and productivity

Reduced liability and risk (Impact is the legal employer and responsible for compliance)

Significant savings versus client direct carry cost for labor

Why Us?

For years companies have relied on a broken system, a two-tier workforce model using “temps” and core employees. Suffering from “failure fatigue” and “comfortable pain” both employees and employers are at the peak of frustration. Implement the Impact three-tier model featuring Core2 and enjoy exceptional outcomes. It is proven, it is real, it is transformational!