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Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services

The pace of change in business is staggering.  Lately, it seems the pace has increased to a dizzying pace leaving leaders with a palms up reaction. Trying to establish a strategy during budget season does not always set up the best plan for stability and sustainability. Workforce challenges were once addressed with a tactical approach.  Today labor and workforce challenges are among the top three issues being discussed in board rooms across the globe.

Add the almost daily introduction of new technology to the ecosystem, and very few leadership teams are equipped to “go it alone” when developing workforce strategy. With over 200 years of experience with executive and management strategic advisor services in contingent workforce applications, Impact has a treasure trove of winning strategies that could be just right for your company.

When engaging in workforce management designing, the team must consider the current workforce and identify what the business needs to move forward, as well as skills missing to help tackle the opportunities the new world of business may present. Next, strategies for workforce building provide the framework for other necessary functions like human resources, finance, training, compensation, and production to participate.

Scaling up is the “half full” mindset, but what about unexpected contraction in the business when economic winds push against you or sales projections aren’t met?  It is equally important to have safeguards in place should unexpected events come knocking at the door. Impact’s experienced workforce management consultants have developed an array of options to guide growth and build in cushions if surprises happen.

Workforce Management Consultant

Focused Engagements

Workforce Building

Workforce Design

GAP Analysis (Current State to Future State Assessment)

Culture Assessment

Engagement & Retention Analysis

Segment Expertise: Logistics (Warehouse and Distribution); Manufacturing; Call and Contact Center; Aviation Staffing

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To learn more about our strategic advisory services, schedule a consultation with Impact. There is no charge for the consultation, and you can expect full candor and transparency in our approach. If we mutually agree to engage, a full scope will be developed, and a timeline established.