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In the competitive landscape of distribution and logistics, legacy centers often grapple with the dual challenge of maintaining operational excellence and adapting to the rapid pace of market demands. A particular legacy distribution center, with over 40 years of operational history, found itself at this crossroad. Faced with staffing shortages, lagging retention rates, and outdated operational practices, the center was ready for a transformation. This case study delves into how Impact Workforce Solutions catalyzed that change, revitalizing our client’s agility, innovation, and strategic development.

Distribution center challenges

The legacy distribution center, amid an expanding and competitive market, faced a pressing need to adapt and evolve. The agility to respond to market demands and maintain effective operations was paramount, yet several internal challenges threatened its position and efficiency.

  • Eroding market position
    Within its sector, the distribution center was once a frontrunner. As the market expanded and competitors innovated, the center’s lag in adopting modern practices and technologies started reflecting negatively on its market position, making it crucial to address internal inefficiencies as quickly as possible.
  • HR administrative burden
    Daily tasks such as processing applications, handling employee inquiries, and managing schedules consumed an excessive amount of time and imposed a heavy administrative burden on the center’s HR teams. This administrative load diverted attention from strategic planning, workforce optimization, and employee engagement.
  • Retention issues
    The lack of career development opportunities and recognition within the organization led to dissatisfaction among its skilled workforce. This dissatisfaction translated directly to higher turnover rates, escalating recruitment costs, and adverse effects on the employer’s brand and market standing. Prospective candidates perceived frequent departures as a sign of instability, complicating recruitment efforts and perpetuating staffing challenges.
  • Productivity issues
    The center struggled to align workforce management practices with productivity goals, leading to inefficiencies, an inability to target new market opportunities, and avoidable operational costs. The need for a skilled, engaged, and well-managed staff was clear, but the distribution center lacked the bandwidth, resources, and expertise to execute a workforce optimization strategy internally.

Impact Workforce Solutions

To address these challenges, Impact Workforce Solutions introduced a series of targeted interventions designed to simultaneously revitalize the distribution center’s operations and workforce.

Streamlined recruitment

Impact Workforce Solutions revolutionized the recruitment process with more engaging job postings and extensive digital exposure, significantly widening the reach to potential candidates. We also launched grassroots campaigns to enhance visibility and connect with the distribution center’s community on a more human level, fostering better engagement and interest among prospective employees.

Enhanced onboarding

Strategically targeting candidates based on commute times and other factors also streamlined the hiring process. And by simplifying the application process and enabling self-scheduled interviews, Impact reduced administrative burdens on HR. This intervention accelerated the onboarding process and ensured better candidate alignment from the outset.

Workforce optimization

Having optimized recruitment strategies and hiring processes, we focused on improving employee retention rates by training for alignment as well as productivity. This support with staffing and new hire onboarding opened up new capacity for the distribution center’s HR teams to establish critical workforce development initiatives, emphasizing workforce empowerment and inclusivity.

Extraordinary outcomes

Impact Workforce Solutions’ partnership with this legacy distribution center yielded remarkable results in the year following intervention.

Cost reduction

$1,098,501 in total program savings

  • Hard-cost labor savings: $562,095
  • Soft-cost savings: $536,406

Reduction in turnover

65% reduction in turnover rates

Time savings

895 hours gained

  • Human Resources: 358 hours gained
  • Production and Operations: 537 hours gained
  • Estimated Cost Savings: $298,000

Additional benefits

  • Lift of risk and employment liability
  • Shift of administrative burdens
  • Calm and confidence restored versus chaos and confusion
  • Governance and compliance assured

Revolutionize your distribution center

The legacy distribution center’s collaboration with Impact Workforce Solutions underscores a vital truth in the modern business landscape: Transformation isn’t just adopting new technologies — it’s embracing innovative approaches to operations and workforce management. By addressing staffing challenges, streamlining operational processes, and revitalizing the center’s culture, Impact Workforce Solutions demonstrated how even the most established operations can adapt, thrive, and set new benchmarks for success.

This case study is a testament to the power of strategic partnership and innovation, especially in overcoming the hurdles of tradition and market competition. It’s also an exciting example of the potential in store for modern distribution.

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