Impact Workforce Solutions

Impact Workforce Solutions isn’t just a job. At our workplace, you can find stability, skills, career growth, respect — along with pay and benefits like many workers have never experienced before.

We know the benefits that working at Impact can have on individuals because we recently asked a few of our employees how working with us changed their lives and what they would say if they referred someone to Impact. We were amazed and humbled by their heartfelt responses. Some of our people said they were able to provide for their families with newfound security. Some are advancing their education with career acumen and self-insight they got on the job. Some have developed into leaders within their workplaces and communities.

That was our intention. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for people and make a workplace that is beneficial to employees goals. We’re committed to fulfilling that purpose every day for the people we hire and the clients we serve. If you ask the employees of Impact Workforce Solutions, you’ll hear that we are succeeding. And so are they.

Here is what a few of our employees, some brand new and others long tenured, had to say about the benefits of working at Impact Workforce Solutions:

This company provides you with an amazing opportunity to grow and move up.
Alyssa Henley

I got to meet new people and find a job I love working at. I would tell people this job has a very homey feeling to it, and the people I work with are like family.
Colton Thompson

I have been a Core2 employee for two years. It changed my life dearly! It gave me my life back and my girl power. I feel better about myself. I have already told some of my friends about Impact, and they got hired. I enjoy my hours a lot.
Jonita Suggs

If I referred somebody to Impact, I would let them know it’s an amazing place to work and learn great skills to progress in the company. Impact has a fantastic team and is a very nice place to work.
Leticia Samuels

Impact has changed my life because it has proved that hard work pays off. It has helped me be able to provide for my family. I would tell people this is the best job ever and your hard work will be recognized.
Keath Pugh

I have enjoyed the experience of PTO, which is something I never had before at my previous jobs. Being Core2 has inspired me to move up in the company to be the absolute best I can be in anything relating to the job. It has taught me discipline and responsibility as well as the importance of dignity. If I referred someone, I’d say you’re in good hands and they’re in for a work experience they’ve never seen before.
Jaelon Vincent

I feel I’ve earned every dollar I’ve worked for at Impact, and that makes me feel good. The consistency in hours and off-days makes me happy to come to work. Three days off is a lot of days to better myself as an individual. I want to be a business owner so I’m able to cater to my business.
Denerko Camp

I tell people this company really cares about their employees and values their workers.
Ein Crider

I’ve always had an interest in engineering/technology. When I was 19, I went to Job Corp. and got a trade for it. Time went by, and I kind of fell off it. Now that I’m here, Impact has motivated me to go back to college and switch my major. Impact is a company that listens and cares. The trainers have been exceptionally great, and because of that, I’ve caught on to my job and learned it.
Keilauna Gibbons

This job has changed my life. It allowed me to wake up motivated.
Jeremy Jordon

I can truly say that since I have become a Core2 employee, I have become a better person. If I referred someone to Impact, I would tell them that Impact is a good company with great, caring people who actually listen to you. And if you want an opportunity to grow, Impact is the perfect company for you.
Kevious Swarn

The supervisors always help you; they are aware of your work. The people are very welcoming if you need help, and if they do not speak the same language, they look for a way to communicate. They are patient when you are learning. They always look for a way for us to be active.
Gabriela Martinez

In my one year of working here, this job has helped me grow as a man. To become a better man and help lead those around me. Before working here, I didn’t know anybody. But through this company, I’ve made some of the greatest friends and learned the biggest life lessons. I truly am thankful for what this company has turned me into. If I were to refer someone to Impact, I would say this is the most secure job you will ever have. No constantly changing your schedule around. You have one set time to be here, and it will never change. You will make some lifelong friends, and this is the most professional team you will ever work with.
Joshua Morales

I have only one word for Impact: family.
Kathy Blount