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In recent years, the labor market has undergone a seismic shift — and today, contingent workers represent 35% of the US workforce. With so many organizations relying on contingent workers to remain competitive, managing their unique needs and concerns is more important than ever. Yet many organizations struggle to find the time and resources necessary to support this subset of their “core” employee base.

Core2 is the solution.

An innovative approach to the traditional Employer of Record (EOR) model, Impact Workforce Solution’s Core2 program drives contingent workforce engagement and support, enhancing employee satisfaction and ultimately boosting both quality of life and quality of work.

Why Core2?

Traditional EOR services only manage the administrative responsibilities associated with contingent workers, such as paperwork and payroll, effectively keeping the contingent workforce at arm’s length from an employee engagement perspective. This distance can lead to contingent workers feeling “invisible” to the companies they work for — with no opportunity to voice concerns, share ideas, or build relationships — leading to poor work satisfaction and increased attrition.

Core2 was specifically developed to bridge this gap, rewriting the narrative that contingent workers are merely “temps” and reevaluating how a positive work environment can lead to better quality of life. The solution combines standard EOR services with employee engagement, retention strategy, and technology.

Core2 also provides comprehensive benefits, supporting the full-time employment of contingent workers while also providing professional and personal security. The goal of Core2 is to bring the contingent workforce closer to the direct-hire workforce model, where they feel supported and heard, and see tangible improvements to their quality of life, both in the workplace and at home.

Supporting career development with Core2

Professional development is key to improving the contingent worker experience. Not only does it provide them growth opportunity, but it enhances their long-term employment prospects. Many employers seek to work with the same contingent workers over and over. Therefore, developing and growing skills is crucial to maintaining an extended working relationship.

However, it is challenging to develop employees if they are only being monitored remotely, as questions and concerns cannot be addressed in real-time, leading to significant delays and leaving contingent workers feeling disconnected in the work environment.

Core2 addresses this problem head-on by providing dedicated on-site operational management for the contingent employee, available to mentor and support in real time. With a tangible resource readily available, contingent workers are as connected as any other employee within the organization.

Additionally, the on-site operations manager has a direct line of vision into any potential skills gaps and is on hand to provide ongoing training and support, promoting professional growth, improving engagement, bettering the work experience, and heightening employee satisfaction.

Core2 benefits employers, but focuses on workers

The innovative Core2 model certainly benefits employers by building additional support services into the traditional EOR approach. But it’s the contingent workers themselves who truly reap the greatest rewards.

Through Core2, contingent workers feel a sense of belonging in the workplace, because they do now truly belong. With on-site management addressing their needs promptly and providing ample opportunity for skill-set improvements, they see the tangible benefits of building their own future.

The causation is clear: increased worker satisfaction leads to increased commitment, more stability, and reduced attrition. In turn, by investing in contingent workers, companies are investing in themselves — boosting productivity and significantly saving direct labor costs.

With such far-reaching benefits, Impact Workforce’s Core2 solution is clearly more than just EOR. It’s a strategic engagement commitment to a critically important workforce segment.

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