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Impact Workforce Optimization (IWO) is a contingent workforce management software for labor cost reduction that includes a suite of solutions customized to each client’s unique business needs.

A technology enabled service platform; IWO is the perfect blend of high-touch and high-tech. IWO has proven to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and lower labor cost. The transformational outcomes delivered by this one-of-a-kind contingent workforce management software has made believers out of CEO’s, CFO’s, CHRO’s, Operational Leadership, and countless others who have witnessed the change firsthand.

How much does this contingent workforce management software cost? Pay attention to these two facts:

  1. The company’s labor budget is the focus of the IWO cost optimization formula. Labor costs are already in the budget, so no additional allocation is required.
  1. Savings generated by IWO require company leadership to make a hard choice. Increase the bottom line or invest the amount saved in something strategic (or a bonus for the executive that brought IWO to the table!)

BONUS POINTS:  IWO produces positive outcomes, but even if it was cost-neutral, the peace-of-mind from delegating contingent workforce management to a competent partner is energizing!

How do you define Return on Investment if there is no investment?  How about Return on Savings!  ROS sounds like a good business strategy.

Operations Management Services

What would the Board think about you and how would your business change if you had:

Increased cash flow derived from labor cost savings.

A stable and loyal workforce of content and productive workers.

Retention ten times greater than traditional staffing.

Access to more workers for growth and peak periods.

A vendor-neutral partner for strategic workforce building.

Comfort knowing you have control, oversight, and auditability, of contingent workforce spend.

Flexibility, with options, for a more effective workforce strategy.

Omni-channel talent sourcing through a wider talent network.

Higher levels of production and quality.

Confidence in compliance and governance.

Less risk and lower exposure to liability.

Clear insight into data and analytics within the contingent workforce.

A competitive advantage for each worksite that your local competition will envy, and your local team will embrace.

No other contingent workforce management software brings these elements together in one comprehensive solution. The IWO model irrefutably delivers transformational outcomes. Combining talent acquisition, effective technology, and quality-of-life-improving employment (known as Core2) solves a business dilemma.

Some may find it hard to believe, others hope they keep the competitive advantage as their secret!

The Impact Workforce Strategists conduct a free assessment to determine if IWO is a fit for your business, and honestly, if your business is a fit for Impact. If we see a fit, our team will present an array of options for your consideration. Through a collaborative exchange of thought, the best contingent workforce management software is selected, and a full scope of services emerges.

  • World-class Retention Results
  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • Competitive Advantage as an Exceptional Place to Work

Improving Quality of Life for People

A win for associates

A win for clients

A win for Impact

Why Us?

Why wouldn’t you consider a cure for “comfortable pain” and “failure fatigue” when the cure is here, now, within your reach?