Impact Workforce Solutions

The mission of every organization should be to improve the overall quality of life for all employees, driving job satisfaction, engagement, and a healthy and positive work experience. Employees who are fairly compensated and feel a sense of belonging are more productive, connected, and secure — both financially and personally.

The Impact Workforce Difference

Impact Workforce Solutions’ purpose — to improve the quality of life for people — fuels everything we do. We have redefined workforce management and the contingent employee experience because we understand that by treating all workers with respect and humanity, we build a stronger labor force more loyal to their employers and more engaged in their work.

The secondary workforce is as vital to business success as any other employee group and should feel just as valued.  Core2, our unique Employer of Record solution, outfits full-time secondary workers with a benefits package — resulting in enhanced engagement and retention, improved employee productivity, and significant savings to our clients vs. direct labor costs.

Our people-focused approach extends beyond just the workforce. We don’t execute transactions but create genuine relationships with our clients. Every person is different, and there is no greater opportunity to build a positive work environment for both employer and employee than to treat each person as an individual, providing them with an opportunity for happiness, growth, and stability.

Our robust advisory services focus on our clients’ specific needs. From workforce building and design, GAP analysis, and segment expertise to culture, engagement, and retention assessments, we do not follow a generalized playbook, but craft unique solutions to suit the unique requirements of each of our clients. Additionally, we partner with our clients’ staffing agencies to address the challenges the people in the workforce are facing. What are their needs, desires, or goals? This multifaceted approach results in solutions benefiting both the company and its workforce. It’s a win/win.

Partner with an industry leader

Contingent workforce management can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Partnering with a proven industry leader with the experience, resources, and commitment to mold a tailored comprehensive solution to meet your needs will yield world-class retention rates — 10x greater than traditional staffing — as well as substantial cost savings and recognition of your organization as an exceptional place to work.

Impact Workforce Solutions brings all the elements together — talent acquisition, cutting-edge technology, and quality-of-life-improving employment — to solve your workforce challenges. Our comprehensive solution enables us to empower your team, outfitting them with all the tools they need to succeed from day one and supporting your business with a stable and loyal workforce, access to more workers, clear insight into data and analytics, and the flexibility to keep your business moving.

Humanize and optimize workforce management with Impact Workforce Solutions.