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When it comes to contingent workforce management, one size does not fit all. Every industry faces unique staffing challenges that demand bespoke staffing solutions to boost bottom lines. While handling this in-house might seem like a prudent decision, it can quickly become overwhelming and disrupt daily operations. This is expressly true for companies with limited resources or those without internal workforce knowledge.

Finding a partner with in-depth industry expertise makes all the difference, and that’s where Impact stands out. Our workforce solutions are molded to your processes, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency. Let’s explore several case studies that highlight how our specialized support addressed industry-specific pain points in manufacturing, distribution, and call centers.


In manufacturing, whether general or tech, the stakes are high. A moment’s disruption can cascade exponentially, halting operations and increasing costs.


Consider the challenges two manufacturing companies faced before Impact stepped in:

  • A Georgia-based tech manufacturer struggled to meet the demands of 24/7 operations. They relied heavily on temporary workers but were limited by a staggering 65% turnover rate.
  • A South Carolina-based general manufacturer was plagued with low employee satisfaction and a 67% turnover rate. They could not attract qualified talent and were weighted with high operational costs.


Both companies needed to stabilize operations without production delays, and Core2 was the workforce solution that made it possible. We tailored our Core2 model to precisely address their specific pain points.

  • We developed a robust model for the tech manufacturer that prioritized growth, strengthened recruitment, and reinforced operations management.
  • For the general manufacturer, we leveraged Core2’s staff augmentation services to target employee benefits, satisfaction, and talent attraction.


With our assistance, both companies saw turnover plummet to single digits.

  • The tech manufacturer was able to ramp up operations. They expanded their workforce from 65 employees to an impressive 1,500 without inflated labor costs or additional administrative burdens.
  • The general manufacturer reengaged their employees and achieved a whopping $876K in savings for every 100 employees.

Our industry expertise in manufacturing certainly addressed immediate challenges for each of these clients, but they also laid the foundation for sustained growth.

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Distribution centers face constant pressure to streamline operations and cut costs. At the same time, they must remain adaptable to meet market demands and outpace competitors. Without agile workforce management, there is no moving forward.


This is precisely the situation in which a legacy distribution company found itself. Despite its four-decade tenure in the industry, this former frontrunner was lagging due to a heavy administrative burden, outdated operational practices, low retention rates, and staffing shortages.


Recognizing the urgent need for change, Impact devised a multitiered workforce development strategy.

  • We launched a highly targeted recruitment initiative, which combined engaging postings and digital exposure to increase visibility and reach new talent.
  • We optimized screening, interviewing, and hiring processes to accelerate time to hire.
  • We implemented more efficient onboarding and training procedures to ensure new hires were seamlessly aligned and integrated into the workforce.


Over the course of just two months, we aided our client in successfully hiring over 200 employees while reclaiming over 890 hours across HR, production, and operations. Our tailored solutions led to a remarkable 65% reduction in turnover and savings exceeding $1.1 million.

Learn more about this organizational overhaul by exploring the full case study:

How Impact Improved Staffing, Retention, and Operational Excellence for a Legacy Distribution Center


Call centers

In call centers, temporary workers often make up a significant portion of the workforce. Without access to full-time benefits, these employees are more likely to seek opportunities elsewhere, which can lead to lags in productivity and high costs for recruitment.


Our client — a teleprospecting call center — faced increasing dissatisfaction among temporary workers, which led to a staggering 100% turnover rate that hindered both productivity and growth.


Impact zeroed in on the deficiencies and implemented Core2 to redefine temporary workers as a long-term contingent workforce.

  • Core2 provided stability and robust benefits to boost employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Our coordinating leadership programs fostered a culture of empowerment.
  • Our on-site operations managers enhanced supervisory capabilities.


Turnover nose-dived to single digits, marking a remarkable turnaround from the previous 100% rate. And labor costs were significantly reduced, saving the call center over $100K annually.

To delve deeper into this call center’s journey to stability, review the full case study:

How Core2 Improved Retention and Reduced Costs for a Teleprospecting Call Center  

Leverage industry expertise with Impact

Industry-specific expertise is crucial for optimizing workforce management. At Impact Workforce Solutions, we offer strategies proven to tackle the distinct challenges of manufacturing, distribution, call centers, and beyond.

Leveraging our specialized knowledge, we deliver tangible improvements in employee retention, productivity, and cost savings. And our commitment to seamless integration ensures operational efficiency at every stage of your unique workforce optimization journey. By partnering with Impact, your business can benefit from customized solutions guaranteed to enhance operational excellence and provide a competitive edge.

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Impact Workforce Solutions.