Impact Workforce Solutions

Outstanding hours, pay, and benefits are fundamental to a good job. They enable people to take care of their families and plan for the future. Security and stability are part of a good job, too – they’re necessary for true work/life balance and well-being.

But exceptional workplaces, Impact Workforce Solutions believes, offer more than that. They provide opportunities to learn and grow. They care for people as people, not numbers. And they enable top performance – which vastly improves the business outcomes of the organizations they work for.

Impact Workforce Solutions is committed to creating an exceptional workplace. Our employees tell us we’re meeting our goal. Below you’ll see what real employees think – and how their exceptional workplace is changing their lives.

I love it here. I would say this is the best place I have ever worked.Quandarious

I’ve been a Core2 employee for two months, working with great people and advancing in my company. I would recommend Impact for its great hours and great pay, with a positive work environment and lots of room to grow.Marcus

This job has changed my life. I have been able to pay my bills, take care of my family, and the most important thing is the benefits I get by being with Impact. Whenever I refer someone to Impact, I always stand for the company, show the benefits, and advise that the company is trustworthy. – Ndambaka

It’s a great company to work for. I highly recommend working for us.Maria

This job has taught me new skills, such as leadership. Before I worked here, I never saw myself being open enough to talk to or even lead people. If I referred someone to Impact, I would say there are lots of growth opportunities and there is a lot to learn in this type of environment.  – Nikerria

Impact has given me a chance to learn how to use my hands, mind, and skills. If I referred Impact, I’d say it’s a very good company to work with. It gives you a chance to know yourself and what you can do.Oster

Impact has taught me how to work as part of a team, to be patient, and to be humble to others. You can grow with this company. It’s a wonderful place to work.Robin

Impact has helped me in many things, namely: already feeling like an active citizen since it was my first job in the USA, as I am a newcomer here. And being around other people has made me more sociable.  If I had the opportunity to refer someone, I would not hesitate since this environment is not easy to find in all companies. Impact’s ability to listen to employees is very remarkable and its ways of managing our concerns are very clear and above all very objective, and that is what is most important in a job. The best employer is the one who always tries to provide you more stability than you have. – Said 

Impact has been there for every need of mine, and I look forward to coming into work and trying my best. Thank you, Impact.Tamilia

My personal experience with Impact has been amazing. Impact has always helped their employees when we need help with anything. My growth at the company has been amazing. I’ve been given new opportunities every week. I’ve never been at a company that makes me feel so comfortable to come to work.Roxana

Impact cares about you, they try for you, and you will be valued.Marisol

Impact has changed my life by introducing me to new and exciting opportunities. That I could not have imagined or have been exposed to in my life. Impact allowed me to enter the workforce while balancing school, life, and family activities while still maintaining financial security to take care of me and my family. I have been honored and truly blessed to be a Core2 employee and a part of the Impact family and hope for many, many more years of success. – Terrell

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