Impact Workforce Solutions

Our Founder & Chairman

Don G. King

Impact Founder & Chairman

Pay it Forward and Improve Lives

Don’s dedication to improving the quality of life for people became the foundation of Impact Workforce Solutions, a contingent workforce management company consulting and serving over 20,000 individuals and their families.

In the dedication page of Mission Matters, Volume 6, our founder Don G. King shared a glimpse into his character, revealing that the loss of his father and the suffering of his mother from Alzheimer’s inspired him to always treat people with respect and pay forward his own good fortune.


At Impact, humility and service are cornerstones of the culture, and the team values the unique and valuable culture they have built. Don G. King understood that people are the difference between good and great companies and knew that improving the quality of life of others is the key to success in both business and life.

Don’s experience in the temporary staffing industry led him to develop a proprietary software called Clarity, a contingent workforce management tool designed to do what needed to be done, when it needed to be done, for the people doing it. He also established Core2 to provide associates with a “hand up” when they showed personal ambition to grow and gratitude for the opportunity. Together, Clarity, IMprove, and Core2 form the Impact Workforce Optimization solution, a unique and proven-effective platform that aligns technology with enhanced managed services modules.

Don King’s character is that of an unselfish servant willing to give more than he expects and take more satisfaction from seeing others grow than from personal achievement. His legacy is one of giving, loving, and resilience, and his impact on the lives of those he has served is immeasurable.