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Scholarships for Trade School or Vocational Training


The Impacting Lives Scholarship is presented to a deserving individual each year who seeks to extend learning through trade or vocational education. On our founder, Don G. King’s, retirement, the Impacting Lives Scholarship was established. Don meets with candidates individually. Some might call this an interview, but Don prefers to call it an opportunity. It is an opportunity to share, an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to “pay it forward” and make a difference.

Recipients of this scholarship for vocational training or trade school are grateful and appreciative. Don will say it means more to him than it does to them. Don’s parents, Clyde, and Barb instilled a deep sense of giving in Don’s heart. Impact is proud to fund this annual scholarship for trade schools in hopes that the next generation will be humble, hungry, and smart so that someday they too can pay it forward!

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